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Leader in Me

Leader in Me is a system built by Franklin Covey Foundation based on a bestselling book concerning every aspect of entrepreneurship and personal development titled ,,7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.

Leader in Me helps students learn how to: become self-sufficient, take the initiative, plan ahead of time, set and follow goals, do homework, set priorities, manage emotions, care for others, express their point of view in a articulate manner, solve problems, find creative solutions, appreciate diversity and lead a balanced life. This process helps students develop said skills and believe in their own ability, which they need to lead a good, fulfilling life and achieve success both at school and outside of it.

Leader in Me is a model for transformation of the entire school, organized with the help of teachers, that provides students with leadership and life skills necessary to develop in XXI century. It is based on guidelines and research concerning personal, interpersonal and organizational efectivness as well as a strong belief, that every child has its’ own unique strengths and the ability to be become a leader.

Leader in Me has first been introduced in a school in North Carolina and since then it has grown to be practiced in schools across over eighty countries all over the world.

Leader in Me

Our approach

Aim: To create a supportive environment focused on the preparation for the choice of educational, professional and life paths

Features of a school employing Leader in Me:

  • Perfect attendance rates
  • Minimal discipline issues
  • Inspires taking responsibility and action
  • Learning environment built in cooperation with students
  • Ignites passion and commitment among the teachers and helps them remember the purpose of their work
  • Prepares the students to take on the challenges related with the choice of educational, professional and life paths

Leader in Me

Education, life and professional paths

Leader in Me High School covers four courses, all of which intends to equip students with basic skills required to achieve success. Below are listed habits and competences taught at each course:

1. Habits of highly effective teenagers

  • Being proactive
  • Starting with a vision of the end results
  • Starting with what is most important
  • Creating win-win situations
  • Synergy
  • Sharpening your saw

2. Leading others

  • Leading teams and projects
  • Introduction of individual tutoring for students
  • Organising and managing meetings

3. Readiness to take up the challenges related to choosing a career

  • Writing CVs
  • Giving speeches, being articulate
  • Communication
  • Analysing input information and providing useful feedback
  • Digital etiquette

4. Preparedness for the choice of the right course at a Univeristy

  • Working on achieving goals
  • Exam practice
  • The ability to learn
  • Planning the week
  • Managing personal budget
  • Skills required while living away from home
  • Taking care for health

Leader in Me

Why Leader in Me

Students are now team players. They are no more angry or resentful. They are no longer subject to depression. You can feel the difference even at first sight. The students smile, are open to establishing relations with their teachers. They don’t mock or joke about other people. It feels like family now.

~ A teacher from a school employing Leader in Me solutions

Don’t let pre-made scenarios written by others rule your life. If you are not succeeding in life, it’s time to take the initiative! Be focused on what you had planned you would do.

~ A student given admitted to the Columbus Highschool

So what exactly is the

Leader in Me program


The Leader in Me model is a unique mixture of time-transcendent paradigms and guidelines that cause a change in the entire school. Said model helps school achieve far better results.


The Leader in Me program is a process of constant development and upgrade. It’s more than yet another program, it’s a basic operational system, that lets you maximise effectiveness of teaching.


Community gathered around the project has been created for teachers by teachers. Both the model and the process evolve based on collective results of the schools employing Leader in Me all over the world and adapt to the requirements of modern education.

In other words


Leader in me is a full-featured program of enhancement created for high school students, that provides them with necessary leadership skills and supports them in their academic development – competence they will need in the world of XXI century.


The model has been prepared to be implemented into schools and work well with the headteachers, tutors and students. It is based on leadership, culture and education.


Leader in Me is also a global community, which we join by employing the rules and methodology of the program. There are around 3000 schools all over the world who have employed Leader in Me as a primary their primary operational scheme. As a school using the program, we gain numerous partners for exchanges and other common initiatives.

We believe that

Everyone can be the leader in his own domain

There is genius in everyone – it just has to be awoken

Making a difference begins with changing ourselves

Teachers support their pupils in forging responsibility for their own educational progress

We focus on a holistic (whole, all-round) development of personality

We redefine leadership

Many people consider leadership to be formal authority. Contrary to this belief, we believe that everyone can be a leader by having control over his life (being a leader to himself) and working well with others – be it family, friends, neighbours, coworkers(being a leader to others) and supporting them in their journey to greatness.