Maciej Stępa 

,,Earning of my first milion through the stock market taught me that real satisfaction comes only from doing real work.

The loss of inheritance taught me humility. Having been in the Boy Scouts taught me how to serve. Professional experience opened my eyes for the opportunities of business.

Having done five courses at the University taught me how to respect people for who they are, not for what diplomas they have. I believe deeply that a true leader serves everybody. I strongly advocate the thesis saying : “if you want to start earning, you have to learn to how to give”.

All my education and experiences to date I employ while running and co-building a counseling company Profit Plus and my true CV are the companies and the people I helped to develop.

Janusz Wardak

Happy husband and father of ten children aged from four to twenty four years. One of the founders and the president of Family Academy Association.

Author of lectures, workshops and articles related to upbringing of children, marital love and family life; regular guest of a radio audition ,,Upbring, but how?” in Warsaw Radio. Initiator of “Less screen, more family” campaign.

He worked for a dozen years for the IT branch, later he became the head teacher and vice head teacher of a school for boys ,,Sails” by ,,Sternik” Association in Warsaw. Currently he is a speaker, independent educational advisor and publisher. A member of the Family Council working for the Ministry of Family.

Mateusz Kusznierewicz

Sailor, olimpic champion, current world champion. A captain of polish national team for the Sailing World Cup of 2022. Brings sport to business.

Co-founder of  ZOOM.ME,,, Kusznierewicz bearings. He conducts courses and motivational lectures, cooperates with companies and promotes communication as well as promotion of products and brands.

Magda Niemczuk-Kobosko

Magda is a teacher of English language by education, she also finished postgraduate studies in the field of coaching. She is a certified tutor(Collegium Wratislaviense) and a facilitator of “7 habits of highly effective people” program and ,,Leader in Me” for schools program. She runs a school educating teachers and adolescents.

For 20 years she has been a teacher, educator and later a headmaster’s Plenipotentiary for Student Development in II High School at Nowowiejska st. She was responsible for the introduction of tutoring a program for students to help them prepare for studying abroad.

Her passion is holistic development, particularly supporting teenagers. She feels most comfortable as an educator. She cares for teachers, students, parents to feel valuable, important and needed.

A mother of two female students herself, owner of a dog and a cat. Certified slow-jogging instructor. An advocate for minimalism, she likes to have less and be more.

Paweł Antonowicz

Professor at the University of Gdańsk, habilitated doctor of economics in the field of management. Deputy Dean for Science of the Department of Management of the University of Gdańsk in the years 2016-2024. Head of Enterprise Economics Department.

Currently a Vice Head of the Institute of Applied Mathematics in the Technic Physics and Applied Mathematics department of Gdańsk Techincal School. He did a course in Mathematics at the University of Gdańsk and for the next 25 years he had been a lecturer in the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Gdańsk. In scientific work he specializes in topological methods of non-linear analysis, fixed points theory and it’s employment in dealing with differential inequalities and dynamical systems. He is an author of dozens of scientific works in this field. He is a reviewer working for numerous international science magazines as well as Methamatical Reviews and Zentralblatt fur Mathematik.

He has rich didactic experience coming from giving numerous lectures and seminars as well as promoting dozens of theses on every level. A few of his pupils succeeded greatly on the scientific field, achieving titles of Ph. D. in Poland as well as worldwide.

Outisde of the college a long-term cooperative with the Center of Teacher Education and the Regional Examination Commission for A-Levels in Mathematics. Reviewer of a few mathematics handbooks for various publishing homes. Runs interest clubs for students as well as courses preparing for A-Levels.

Awarded with the National Education Commision Award, the Minister of NEC Award as well as – repeatedly – the Rector’s Award of the University of Gdańsk and the Gdańsk Polytechnic School. He is a member of Polish Mathematical Association (former department director) and Gdańsk Science Association.

Paulina Metelska

Doctor of Health Sciences Paulina Metelska – a public health specialist, dietician. Author of scientific treatises on obesity prevention among children and adolescents. Author of practical handbooks on nutrition. “6-10-14” and “18+ for Health” programs coordinator. A member of medical groups cooperating closely with the Ministry of Health, the Agency of Medical Technology Assessment and Classification and local governments. A member of the Polish Health Programs Association as well as Polish Association for Obesity Research.

Józef Ginter

Doctor of Physics, specialized in the field of neuroinformatics and medical physics. He utilizes deep neural networks to analyse pictures in medical diagnostics. In the Physics department of the Warsaw University he oversees first year students of the Medical Physics course. Engaged in voluntary work in a oncological hospice as well as the PISAK project supporting people with severely impaired communicational capabilities. Former physics teacher, educator and a tutor in a highschool. He plays the guitar and loves High Tatra Mountains.

Zdzisław Dzedzej

Doctor (habilitation) Zdzisław Dzedzej (born in 1955) is currently working at the Gdańsk Polytechnic University as a professor.
Currently he is also a vice-headmaster of the Institute of Applied Mathematics by Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics department of Gdańsk Polytechnic University.

His course in mathematics he did at the University of Gdańsk and for the next 25 years he had been an academic teacher at the Mathematical Institute of University of Gdańsk. In his academic work he specializes in topological methods of non-linear analysis, fixed-points theorem and it’s usage in solving differential equations and dynamical systems. He is the author of numerous academic treatises in this field. He is a reviewer in many international scientific magazines, including Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt fur Mathematik.

He gained educational experience through giving many lectures and organizing seminars, as well as promoting numerous theses. A few of his alumni has become renowned scientists in Poland as well as abroad.

Apart from his academic work, he cooperated for many years with Teachers Education Centre and Regional Examination Board as well as Teachers Development Centre. He reviewed mathematical student’s books and handbooks for various publishers. He organizes special interest groups and preparatory courses for Matura Exam[Polish A-Levels counterpart].

Awarded with National Educational Committee, NEC Ministry Award as well as Rector’s Awards of the University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk Polytechnic University. He is a member of Polish Mathematical Association(former department director) and Gdańsk Scientific Association.