We are currently recruiting for two first classes of COLUMBUS High School.

We plan to create two classes for students graduating from elementary school.

In both classes, Polish, English and mathematics are implemented with increased weekly hours.

Informational meetings for parents of eighth graders

Choose a date convenient for you, come and learn more about Columbus’ offerings, our values and the atmosphere we create in the school space

20 March 2024

liceum gdańsk

23 April 2024

liceum gdańsk gdynia sopot

23 May 2024

liceum gdańsk

Open day for students

You are cordially invited to the Columbus High School Open Day. This event is aimed at young people and prepared by young people.
Columbus students organize attractions, tours and a game with points after school. All this allows you to get acquainted with everything that is most important in our school.


How does it look like?

1. Filling in the application form

2. Informative meeting with the school headmasters for parents.

The meetings occur in small groups of up to six people. Therefore we humbly ask for appointing the meetings individually through the appropriate form.

On such meeting one can learn the principles under which the school operates, precise educational offer and details concerning the educational program.

The meetings take place each Thursday at 6.00pm. If the meeting was appointed appointed individually, another time of a personal meeting or videoconference is possible.

3. Signing the declaration of willingness to take part in the learning process

4. Prepare a recruitment task to be presented at one of the meetings mentioned in the next section.

5. The candidate’s recruitment meeting with the headmaster, future educator and school psychologist.

During the meeting, prospective students have the opportunity to see how the school functions and the daily rhythm of learning. Questions can be asked of the director and founders.

The student has the opportunity to tell about his interests and expectations from the school

6. Publish a list of candidates who have successfully passed the recruitment process and qualified for the first class.

7. The decision of the parents and the school to include the Candidate in the list of students. Signing of the contract and other documents.

8. The decision of the parents and the school to include the Candidate in the list of students. Signing of the contract and other documents.

Providing full documentation of the student to the school.

We assure you that we will guide you through each of these steps step by step. You only need to perform the first one 🙂


How to prepare?

Desirable clothing should be comfortable and elegant (business casual). Bring an open mind and readiness to talk about yourself and your interests.

On the recruitment interview tell us something that best describes what kind of person, colleague, student, citizen, neighbour, brother, sister, child you are. Tell us what drives you forward, what gives you joy, what draws your attention, what you care about and what you think about your own future.

Prepare questions you seek answers for. We will prepare for the talk as well.

See you soon!

We do our best to answer within two working days.

By filling in the application form you consent to the processing of your data in order to make contact by the Columbus Foundation.

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